Daily News – 10th of January 2019
What’s new

Google has announced new activity cards that makes it easier to resume previous researches

The Google activity cards show up at the top of the search result. If users are logged into their Google account and search for a particular topic, the activity card will show relevant pages that have already been visited and previous queries users had done on that topic.
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Chrome will start filtering disruptive ads worldwide in July

Google started blocking ads last year based on guidelines developed by the Coalition For Better Ads. The guidelines prohibit websites from using obtrusive advertising strategies, like employing pop-ups or videos with auto-playing sound. According to the company, the filter system has pushed a significant number of publishers into adopting better ads.
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New products

Samsung Galaxy S10 E

The phone will have a 5.8-inch display. For cost-cutting purposes, this device will not come with an under-display fingerprint sensor, like the S10 and S10+.
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Nokia 8.1 Plus

Nokia 8.1 Plus will have a 6.22-inch FHD+ display. It will come with dual cameras, a flash, and a fingerprint sensor on the back.
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You might want to know about this

A bug in Google search could allow fraudulent results to appear as legit

A new Google bug can be exploited by anyone to manipulate search results and spread fake news. The vulnerability lies in the way that Google search engine displays its ‘Knowledge Graph’, a feature that displays snippet of information above the results, usually summing up the query.
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Norway considers banning Huawei from building 5G infrastructure

Norway joined other western nations in expressing concerns about Huawei, as the government reportedly considers banning the company from participating in its 5G infrastructure deployment. Despite of the fact that Huawei has repeatedly denied all allegations and offered reassurances that their equipment is secure, more and more countries are banning the Chinese company from bids or other activities.
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