Daily News – 9th of July 2019
What’s new

Microsoft is using the Android Share Menu to advertise its apps

Android users are seeing ads to install Microsoft apps when opening or sharing a file. This situation happens after installing a Microsoft Office app, and according to an article from Android Police, it happens at different times. The issue has been around for at least 6 months.
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A security vulnerability in Zoom could let websites to turn on Mac cameras without permission

Security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh found a serious vulnerability in the Zoom video conferencing app on Macs. He has demonstrated that any website can open up a video-enabled call on a Mac with this app installed. That’s possible in part because Zoom installs a web server on Macs that accepts requests regular browsers wouldn’t.
More info are available here. 

New products

Google Pixel 4 XL

The phone will have a 6.25-inch display, triple camera on the back and facial recognition sensors. It will be launched in October.
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Honor 9X Pro

Honor 9X Pro will have Kirin 810 processor, a 25MP front camera and a 4,000 mAh battery. The main camera will have 48MP, 8MP and 2MP sensors.
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You might want to know about this

Facebook built a tool that tracks fake news about itself

The Stormchaser software is used to track “fake news”, hoaxes, and the like about Facebook and its products and services. In certain cases, the company took action in order to stop the spread of false claims.
You can read more here. 

Bosch launched a cloud-based EV battery management service

Bosch announced a new service, called Battery in the Cloud, designed to supplement vehicles’ battery management systems by implementing protections to reduce cell aging. It will extend the life of electric car batteries through continuous analysis of battery status, optimization of recharging processes, and delivery of energy conservation tips.
More info can be found here. 


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