Daily News – 25th of September 2019
What’s new

Google does not have to apply ‘right to be forgotten’ globally, only in Europe

The European Court of Justice ruled that Google does not need to remove links to sensitive information in all versions of its search engine worldwide when responding to “right to be forgotten” requests. The company had argued that the right could be abused by authoritarian governments trying to cover up human rights abuses were it to be applied outside of Europe.
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Apple bug might grant access to third party keyboards

Apple is warning users of a bug in iOS 13 and iPadOS that impacts third-party keyboards which have the ability to request “full access” permissions. The company said that the bug doesn’t affect iOS’ in-built keyboard. The bug will be fixed in an upcoming software update.
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New products

vivo U10

vivo U10 has a 6.35-inch HD+ FullView Display, Snapdragon 665 processor and 4GB RAM. It comes with a 5,000 mAh battery.
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Samsung Galaxy A20s

The phone has a 6.5-inch HD+ display, Snapdragon 450 processor and a 4,000 mAh battery. It comes with triple camera on the back with 13MP, 8MP and 5MP sensors.
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You might want to know about this

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot has gymnastics skills

Boston Dynamics’s humanoid robot that can perform a complex gymnastic routine demonstrating amazing balance. Atlas is a research robot with no suggestion it will be available commercially in the near future.
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Gmail launched the dark theme for Android and iOS

The new appearance, which flips the default white background in Gmail to black, will begin rolling out immediately, according to Google. However, it may take 15 days or longer for some users to see the feature, according to the company.
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