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The question isn’t can I get you an offer. The question is how good an offer can I get you.
Ovidiu Pavel, headhunter, professional recruiter, manager of IJC

The team

The reason why we are good at what we do


In all candidate interactions we operate and abide by our self imposed Rules of Engagement.

We respect all our candidates and make sure we are able to help them build rewarding careers by matching them with our client’s opportunities.

Technical knowledge

All our consultants undergo a technical training period so they’re accustomed to IT technologies and the specifics of the IT industry.

Also, any of our consultants speaks at least two foreign languages and is versed in using diverse software applications and tools.

Constant communication

We always work very closely to our client’s HR department and technical leaders. Teamwork between the HR department and us makes all processes move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Also, we rely on the technical leaders to sort out any technical issues regarding the positions.

Working smart

Our team uses a custom built, highly complex and efficient internal recruiting software tool.

This ensures we are always on track, interconnected and up to date with everything happening in the recruiting processes and in the relationship with our candidates.

IJC is the first Romanian recruiting company to internally develop such a tool.

  • 10years experience
  • 25Clients
  • 2600meetings
  • 300careers

Established in 2006, IJC is the first company from Cluj-Napoca specialized in IT recruiting. Our 10 years' experience and trackrecord of over 25 satisfied clients proves we are one of the most respected and experienced specialized recruiting companies in Romania.

We work with the foremost desire of successfully pairing people with opportunities. That's why we prefer to meet people personally, so as to understand what each person desires professionally. This allows us to showcase job opportunities they are genuinely interested in.

During the years we've met over 2600 IT professionals and we've enabled a genuine step forward in their career for over 300 of them.

About the management

IJC is run by Ovidiu Pavel, the founder of the company, a recruiter and head hunter with more than 10 years of active experience.

Ovidiu upholds high standards in both candidate and client relationships. He believes business should be done with respect towards all parties involved all while having in mind everyone's best interest.

He was the first recruiter in Romania to obtain the LinkedIn Certified Professional-Recruiter Certification, back in 2013, and on of the first 300 in the world.

Ovidiu first got contact with the IT world back in 1990, when he first set hands on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and started learning the principles of programming in Basic. This was the beginning of his perpetual relationship with IT&C and programming.

When it comes to doing business, the one quote that reflects his beliefs is this one by Conan O'Brien: "If you work really hard, and you are kind, amazing things will happen".


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