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ownCloud vulnerability

Daily News – 29th of November 2023

ownCloud vulnerability with maximum 10 severity score can be used to steal admin passwords

Hackers stole secrets from NXP, Europe’s largest chipmaker, over the course of more than 2 years

Amazon unveiled Q, an AI-powered chatbot for businesses

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Chrome zero-day
Daily News
Team IJC

Daily News – 29th of September 2023

Google has patched a Chrome zero-day vulnerability exploited in attacks

The French Competition Authority conducted a surprise raid at Nvidia’s French offices

Meta launched AI chatbots with celebrity avatars

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ChatGPT internet
Daily News
Team IJC

Daily News – 28th of September 2023

OpenAI enabled ChatGPT to access the internet for answers to questions

Microsoft will collaborate with Meta to integrate Bing search in Meta AI’s chat features

Spotify will use AI to clone and translate podcasters’ voices

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ChatGPT internet
Team IJC

Știrile zilei – 28 Septembrie 2023

ChatGPT poate din nou să acceseze internetul pentru răspunsuri la întrebări

Microsoft va colabora cu Meta pentru a integra căutarea Bing în funcțiile de chat din Meta AI

Spotify va folosi AI pentru a clona și a traduce vocile podcasterilor

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X disinformation
Team IJC

Știrile zilei – 27 Septembrie 2023

Uniunea Europeană susține că X (Twitter) este cea mai mare sursă de dezinformare

FTC a dat în judecată Amazon pentru că ar fi monopolizat industria

CIA își va construi propriul Chatbot AI

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ChatGPT major update
Daily News
Team IJC

Daily News – 26th of September 2023

OpenAI unveiled that ChatGPT will “see, hear, and speak“ after a major update

Google will remove the basic HTML version of Gmail starting in 2024

Amazon will invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic, the company that has built the chatbot Claude

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