Setting up business in Cluj-Napoca

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We're here to assist you every step of the way

Thinking of a new business in Cluj-Napoca?

Opening your business / branch in Cluj-Napoca can be a time and resource consuming endeavor.

Our extensive business experience enables us to assist you every step of the way, from the time you start thinking about it until the day you first step into your new office.

Initially, you may want to analyze the market and industry specifics. Let us know everything you want to find out. We'll then schedule a meeting, prepare a report, discuss and analyze together with you all points of interest.

The report will include a financial estimation of what your initial investment should be for you to achieve your short-term goals.

We will also provide you an estimation of the length of the process and a basic list of things to have in mind from a legal and financial standpoint.

If after having analyzed everything you decide to open a business in Cluj-Napoca, we can provide you with assistance through our network of partners.

Please note that we are not in any contractual relationship with any of the service providers. We do not receive nor expect any compensation, from them or from you, for the recommendations we make.

The purpose of the recommendations are to make it quicker, easier and more cost effective for you to kick start operations in Cluj-Napoca.

However, we do expect to have the opportunity of becoming ourselves service providers for your organization once it starts operating.

Professional Services we can recommend


The "Doing Business" report by the World Bank ranks Romania at 62 out of 190 for when it comes how easy it is to register a company.

Any of the Law Firm we recommend could provide advice and service to register your company. Also, they have all the necessary expertise when it comes to law in general (and commercial law in particular) so as to further advise you with contracts and other legal aspects.


A very important part of running a business is accounting. The companies we recommend could provide you all top quality services in this area. 

Real Estate and office space

We have worked with a number of respectable Real Estate companies and agents which specialize in office spaces. Also, we are connected with representatives from various office buildings.

Renting an office will not be easy in the current market, but we're confident our recommendations will succeed in finding the space that best suits you.

Office designers

Be it only design or also execution, the companies we will put you contact with will deliver exactly what and how you want your office to look like.

We can also assist you in identifying various type suppliers for your specific needs (e.g. computer hardware, communication services, office supplies, cleaning services, etc.)

We can also help you with

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  • Identifying and attracting talent first requires a rigorous approach to assessing the open position. 

    Your organization is unique. It takes a specific person to best fit a specific open role. 

    We'll make sure that person will have a lasting, positive impact on your business.

    Find out more about IT recruiting

  • Our validated executive search approach is first based on an extended network of professionals.

    Combine this with a deep knowledge of the industry, science and analytics and you get exactly what you're looking for.

    Find out more about executive search

  • Your Employer Value Proposition adds up to more than just words and images.

    Do you know what your former employees have to say about your company? How about what makes your employees engage with your culture, do you know that? Would you want to know actually how your managers and internal recruiters build your teams? 

    See what we can do to empower your employer brand

Thinking about opening a business in Cluj-Napoca?

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