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We have been doing IT Recruiting since 2006. We are in direct connection with top talent all over Europe, US, Canada and Latin America.  

Executive Search
Executive Search in Europe, CEE, with the main focus on the IT industry. Find a leader who fits your organization and makes it stand out.

Scale recruiting for Startups

Setting up Business in Romania

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Employer Branding

Our quality and speed of delivery in IT recruiting translates in significant time and costs for our clients

  • Save time, money, and increase rate of scaling.
  • Reduce hiring managers frustration and improve team morale.
  • Have a clear insight regarding the availability talent for medium and long term scaling.
  • Enable a constant funnel of top quality candidates for a sustainable business growth.

We hold ourselves accountable. We measure efficiency by the number of candidates it takes for our client to make a hire. The lower the better.

Our approach is personal, direct and honest. We don’t use AI or tools to “automate” our work. 

We are senior consultants, having worked for many years in IT recruiting.
Our strategy is based on your company profile, niche and specifics. This ensures the best results.

We are responsive by nature because we are communicative by nature. We are personal, in both client and candidate interactions. Ours is a very results oriented attitude. 


  • Cybersecurity
  • SRE & DevOps
  • Artificial Intelligence & ML
  • Data Science
  • Enterprise Grade Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Genomics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Edge Computing
  • Blockchain
  • Automotive BMS
  • Automotive Electronics (ECU)


This list is by no means comprehensive. It mentions some of the areas we focus on. In addition, though, there are many other areas which we haven’t mentioned.
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