Talent acquisition strategies

Think strategically about your reputation, position and content

Work smarter, not only harder

All companies prioritizes their talent acquisition. All aim to attract the best talent available. But not all companies think strategically about their reputation, position and content in the market. Truth be told, most don’t. And those which do can really profit from this by employing a custom talent acquisition strategy.

Working closely with our clients we develop and deliver strategies, methodologies and technologies to improve the rate of success and quality of new hires.


Talent acquisition

How does it work?

Building a talent acquisition strategy starts with an assessment to identify the historical and current state of affairs.

Evidently, this is done very methodically, based on particular sets of data and certain key metrics we define specifically for each client.

Sometimes the analysis can go back a couple of years, considering this first step is crucial.


Understanding why the hiring load is as it is, what are the internal trends and how do they impact the business allows us to proceed.


Additionally we assess the resources and the process. Their sizing and efficiency are the two key factors we analyze in relationship with the variation of the state of affairs.


Certainly, we will now be in the position to understand why things haven’t worked as expected. It’s time make them work the way you want them to.


Our final focus is to reach four desired outcomes: increasing quality, increasing quantity, reducing costs and reducing time frames.

Strategy components snippet

Say your talent acquisition focus is a certain type of software developer for a specific type of role.

One of the particular sets of data we first analyze your current employees working on that role.

  • what drew them to the company in the first place?
  • why do they enjoy what they are doing?
  • why do they like your company?
  • what would make them change roles?
  • where would they go to find a new role

Understanding what your current key performers look for in their role puts you in a better position to offer other key performers what they really want.

The most successful talent acquisition strategies are always linked, one way or the other, with the EMPLOYER BRANDING of the company.

Talent acquisition strategies
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