Setting up a Business in Romania

We'll guide you through the hoops and make your life so much easier

Setting up a business in Romania can be a time and resource consuming endeavor.

During the years, we’ve successfully have helped multiple clients with everything related to setting up a business in Romania.

Our extensive business experience enables us to assist you every step of the way. Basically, we are there to guide you and simplify the process. From the time you start thinking about it until the day you first step into your new office 

Setting up a Business in Romania

How does it work and what are the first steps

  • Initially, you may want to analyze the market and industry specifics. Let us know everything you want to find out.

  • Afterward, we’ll schedule a meeting, prepare a report, discuss and analyze together with you all points of interest regarding setting up a Business in Romania

  • In short, the report will include a financial estimation of what your initial investment should be for you to achieve your short, mid and long-term goals.

  • Essentially, we also provide you an estimation of the length of the process and a basic list of things to have in mind from a legal and financial standpoint.

  • If after having analyzed everything you decide to setup a business in Romania, we can provide you with assistance through our network of partners.

  • In the meantime, we can kickstart the Executive Search and/or the IT Recruiting processes. Thus, by the time the incorporation is finished you’ll already have your initial team of employees ready to start work.

Our network of select partners enables your organization a wide range
of essential Professional Services


Access all the necessary expertise, focused on commercial & corporate law. Our partners provide advice and service to register your company. They are members of various international professional and academic bodies, including: The Swiss Arbitration Association, LCIA, BIAC, CIArb's Business Arbitration Scheme, the New York State Bar Association or the Law Society of England and Wales.

Accounting, HR & Payroll

Tax advisory for small and medium sized companies & corporates provided by certified expert accountants. Members of the academic body, some hold PHDs, having researched microeconomics and macroeconomics, business analysis or corporate governance.
Our same partner company also provides HR & Payroll services.

Real Estate

We partner with some of the best and most experienced Real Estate Consultants all over Romania. Their physical offices the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Timișoara and Iasi enable you access to office space in the most dynamic business hubs in Romania.

Office Designers

Be it only design or also execution, our partner will deliver exactly what and how you want your office to look like. With more than 15 years of experience they are experienced in executing special projects (secure server rooms, fire rooms, test encolsures, etc.)


Various suppliers for your specific needs (e.g. computer hardware, communication services, office supplies, cleaning services, etc.)

Setting up a Business in Romania
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