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Hi and welcome to this part of our website!
This is how we work and this is what you can expect from us.

Hi there! 

Thank you for reading this! Please know that, first of all, we like to talk like real people do. Depending on your availability, we can do it over the phone, video call, meet over a cup of coffee, tea or even for lunch.

Please, let’s skip “talking” through emails and messages. That’s not really talking, you know it’s not.

You are different from anyone else. Each of us is different in their own way. We don’t want to assume what you want in life, what you seek in your career. We’d rather let you tell us about yourself.

Once we know who you are and what you want we’ll know for sure which of our job opportunities, present or future, is the best option for you.

If this sounds ok to you then please, give us a buzz and we’ll schedule something the next following days. Looking forward to meeting you!

Sincerily, the IJC Team

What do we want?

The truth is, we really want you to be successful and happy.

Before you dismiss this as a bunch of blah-blah, would you just keep reading for 30 seconds, please?

We want you to feel that the job we suggested was a genuine step forward in your career.

We want you to feel your life has changed for the better. We want (and will make sure) you to have all the information you need to make a very important decision.

So, how can you know we actually want that for you? How can you know we really have your best interest in mind?

Because that’s the only way you’ll recommend us to others. And that, for us, is what keeps our business running.

So, you see, actually if you’re happy we’re happy. Win-win.

No blah-blah at all. It’s true and it’s that simple!

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