These Are The Rules Of Engagement We Abide And Operate By In All Our Candidate Interactions.

Please Read Them Mindfully.

  1. Everything we discuss is confidential.

  2. We do not distort the truth.
    All the information we share is 100% accurate (as per our knowledge).

  3. We approach you for a position only if the following conditions are met all at once:

    a) your general skill-set and the technologies you’re currently working with match the skill stack of the position.
    b) the career level of the position at least matches (if not surpasses, in many cases) your career level.
    c) as per our knowledge, what we have to offer is always a step forward for you career wise.

  4. We answer all questions you might have, related in any way to the position, provided there’s no NDA to impede us to.
    In the vast majority of situations this means we answer all your questions.

  5. We prefer to meet in person or, if impossible, talk over the phone.
    We rarely send Job Descriptions, as we consider them to be impersonal and information wise unsatisfactory.

  6. We consider our interaction to be a professional, long term, relationship.
    We always strive to know what your are interests, career wise, so we can match it with what we have to offer (either now or in the future).

  7. We do not spam or harass.
    We do not insist if you refuse.
    We do not call or write you frequently.
    We respect your privacy and will be contacting you with consideration towards the rules stated above.

  8. We select our clients so we are able to have your best professional interest in mind.
    We refuse to recruit for any company we wouldn’t sign on ourselves as employees.

  9. We are professional recruiters, working exclusively in the IT industry.
    We will treat you with courtesy, respect and professionalism.
    We will demand nothing more or less from you.
I offer my personal guarantee that all these rules of engagement are and will be empowered by all IJC recruiters. -- Ovidiu Pavel, Certified Professional Recruiter & Head Hunter, Manager of IJC
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