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Executive Search in Europe, CEE, with the main focus on the IT industry. Find a leader who fits your organization and makes it stand out.

There is a great deal of pressure to find a leader who fits your organization and makes it stand out.

Attracting top talent is known to be time consuming, costly and complex. We have been providing Executive Search services since 2011. We know how to simplify and accelerate the process while mitigating the risk.

Our validated executive search approach is first based on an extended network of professionals. Combine this with a deep knowledge of the industry, science and analytics and you get exactly what you’re looking for.

The same way we do when it comes to IT Recruiting, we will adapt our executive search methodology to your precise needs so we’ll be able to:


Understand what your issues are within the industry and how you position yourself compared to the competition.

Recognize challenges

Recognize the unique challenges to your organization and so target profiles that can take on those challenges.


Identify the opportunities specific to your particular situation. In some cased that means turning a problem into an opportunity.

Hand pick

Hand pick the candidates best suited to your needs and specifics, those who can quickly get up to speed and head the way forward.

Executive Search

Extended support

Our commitment to you doesn’t end after the executive search process is over and you hire a candidate.

In our book success is not merely that. Real success is the long-term positive impact on your business a leader is capable of.

We will assist you beyond on-boarding by helping your new employees synchronize with you business, culture and team dynamics so to get them off to their best start.

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