Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated on: 25/05/2018

1. General Information

1.1 Our Privacy Policy is valid as long as you are visiting our website. It cannot and doesn’t cover any other website that you may go to by clicking a link on this website.

1.2 We do business ethically. Your privacy is an important and serious matter, as is the privacy of any individual. We have always operated with respect towards these principles, well before specific laws regulating this emerged.

1.3 The scope of this page is so you understand what types of data we process, why we do it and what do we do with it. Entering any type relationship with our company will entrust us with your information. We take all precautions so as to comply with the Romanian and EU laws regarding the protection of personal data – Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (a.k.a. GDPR).

1.4 It’s important for you to know that we never did, and never will, in any way, sell your information. Our business does not consist of that.

1.5 Please be assured that providing any information to a third party is always done by informing you (e.g. you are always notified and know if/when we send your professional profile to a potential employer so as you can go in for an interview)

1.6. This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. Any update will be notified by email or by displaying the information on the website, after which it will be applied immediately.

1.7. The “Last updated” legend above indicated when the Privacy Policy were last changed.

2. About us

2.1. International Job Consulting SRL is based in Cluj-Napoca, with the registered office at no. 140, 21 Decembrie 1989 Blvd. We are registered at the Trade Registered Office Cluj under no. J12/1837/2006 and our CUI is 18717599.

2.1  By law our company, International Job Consulting, is a personal data operator.

2.2. Our Data Protection Officer, as required by the GDPR, is:

Name: Ovidiu Pavel

Role: Company administrator


Phone: +40755747770

3. About you
3.1. You may be an individual that has entered a relationship with us or a natural individual. By law you are defined as a “targeted individual”, which means you are either an identifiable or identified individual.

3.2. The measures we implemented to facilitate communication between us (as the data operator) and you (the targeted individual) are meant to allow you to exercise your legal rights.

4. Specifics
4.1. All the information we use and process is governed by transparency and legality.

4.2. Our aim is to be correct in all our undertakings and take all reasonable measures towards keeping you informed.

4.3. You have the possibility to exercise all your rights (e.g. examine, modify, delete, etc.) regarding the personal data you shared with us, within the limits of the law.

4.4. All the goals we have in regards of processing data are lawful.

4.5. We take all measures to ensure that personal data is complete, accurate and up-to-date.

4.6. The data we have collected is processed and used within legal limits as per the goals described at the time of collection or for similar compatible goals that may emerge in the mean time.

4.7. No system, application, website, communication protocol, etc. have ever been proved to be 100% secure. Nevertheless, reasonable security and / or encryption measures have been implemented so as all your data is protected.

4.8. Any questions you may have in regard of the processing of your data, demands to exercise legal rights in relation to the data are welcome to be received by email at or by completing the form at

5.  About your information

5.1. You may have interacted / may interact with us in many ways. These include but are not limited to applying for a job, submitting a resume/CV, applying with your LinkedIn profile, contacting us by phone, email, text messages, etc.

During these interactions we may have received or we may receive data like: 

Name, Age, Email address, Date of Birth, Gender, Social media profiles, Address, Picture, Education, Skills, Hobbies, Interests, Recommendations, Work Experience, Other Experience(e.g. volunteering)

5.2. Data we may collect through cookies or equivalent technologies are:

IP address, Location, Type of browser, Pages you visit on our website

6. Collecting and processing data
6.1. Purpose
All information we collect with legitimate and determined goals. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

– determining if you are the right person for a specific job.

– identifying a job based on your experience and skills.

– putting you in contact with your future potential employer.

– allowing the creation and maintenance of accounts.

– informing you regarding market trends and information that may help your career.

– providing you with job updates that might interest you.

– ensuring we can respond to questions and / or requests you may have.

– helping us defend against cyber attacks.

– complying with laws and regulations.

– finding or claim a legal right in court.

6.2. Legal basis
6.2.1. Processing the information we collect is necessary for your legitimate interests as well as ours.

6.2.2. What we do as and how we operate serves both your interest and ours. It is a legitimate interest for you to receive and for us to provide jobs and career opportunities in your professional area of specialization. This enables you to get a better job and to progress career wise.

6.2.3. Should you choose to oppose the processing of your data please contact us by email at or by completing the form at:

6.3. Your consent
When you apply to a job, submit a resume or contact us in any way you agree that we process your data.

6.4. Your rights regarding data

6.4.1. You have the right to:

– withdraw consent

– be informed about your data processing

– access your data

– rectify inaccurate or incomplete data

– delete (“the right to be forgotten”)

– restrict the processing

– transmit the data we have about you to another operator

– oppose data processing

– not to be the subject of a decision based solely on automatic processing, including the creation of profiles

– appeal to justice

– a complaint before a Surveillance Authority

6.4.2. At any time you can withdraw your consent for direct marketing by following the unsubscribe instructions in each email or other electronic messages.

6.4.3. You can exercise your rights by submitting a written request, signed and dated, at or by completing the form at

6.4.4. Exception to rights exists so all rights listed above are not absolute. Each received request is subject for analysis to find if it’s justified or not.

6.4.5. In the case of a properly justified application we will promptly facilitate the exercise of your rights.

6.4.6. In the case of an unjustified application we will reject it. Nevertheless, we will inform you about your rights to complain with the Authorities, address the competent courts as well as which are the reasons of our refusal.

6.4.7. Any request is usually replied to within 30 days. Nevertheless, depending on particularities like intricacy, number of requests or failing to identify yourself the deadline may be extended.

6.4.8. Please note that us failing to identify you despite all efforts, while you yourself don’t provide any supplementary information to assist us in doing so, does not makes us liable to comply with your request.

6.5. How long do we store data
6.5.1. We store data as follows:

– for the time necessary to fulfill the goals

– as long as the legitimate interest is topical (present)

– until you withdraw your consent

– until you ask for the deletion of data

6.5.2. After that the data will be deleted from computer systems or psychically destroyed. Some data may be anonymised for statistical or scientific research purposes.

6.5.3. In some explicitly regulated cases the law imposes us to store data for a specific period. If no activity is related to them for the past 12 months and the data is older than 48 months it will be deleted.

6.6. How we share data
6.6.1. In compliance with the law, we may disclose your data to third parties (e.g. companies that are looking to hire personnel) but not without asking for your permission and interest to do so.

6.6.2. We check and expect that these third parties have implemented appropriate safeguards and security measures to protect data. Any transfer of data is legitimate and based on your consent or any other legal basis and you will be informed about it either priorly either within reasonable time limits.

6.6.3. We take all reasonable precautions so as your data does not leave the EU. In some cases (e.g. sending your professional profile to a client company which is based in the USA) we might do so, but not without your consent.

6.6.4. We will provide your information within the limits and provisions of the law to official requests from:

– The Prosecutor’s office of Romania

– The Romanian Police

– Romanian Courts

– Competent authorities of the Romanian state

6.6.5. We will not provide any information to any authority of any other country than Romania.