IT Recruiting

We are in direct connection with top talent all over Europe, US, Canada and Latin America.

We know the IT industry inside out. We will make sure to learn your business and all it’s needs.

Our ultimate goal is for you to become a future reference of ours for a future client. That’s going to happen only if we deliver excellent results. And that’s exactly what we’re planning to do, all while you:

  • Grow your business and let our consultants handle your recruiting.
  • Get more done and don’t get bothered with endless meetings.
  • Eliminate surprises and make sure every interview is worth it’s while.
  • Protect your business by sharing sensitive information only with top candidates.


A thorough understanding of the job’s specifics, technology components, situations the future employee might be in and what’s expected of the person now and in the future. All these are key information we're using to

Zoning in

We combine functional and extensive industry knowledge with a proven search and assessment process to find the exact type of candidate you need.


Identifying and attracting talent first requires a rigorous approach to assessing the open position. Your organization is unique. It takes a specific person to best fit a specific open role. We’ll make sure that person will have a lasting, positive impact on your business.


Our methodology is based on our consultant’s expertise and experience. Complemented by innovative tools and technologies, we are capable of delivering statistically validated superior results.

We do the recruiting so you can concentrate on your business

Are you busy browsing hundreds of profiles and resumes? Are you in search of the ideal candidate, one you never seem to find, instead of focusing on your core business? Does it seem that there are no good candidates left anymore, as the ones you interview don’t pass the tech challenges? Maybe it’s time to let us handle the recruiting. 

Our own KPIs that
drive performance

Is your recruiting draining you of resources rather than helping you? We can get you back on track. A professionally managed recruitment process ensures our KPIs are met and you’ll get the best people for your business.  

Get what you're looking for

Our profile rejection rate of the last 10 years is under 0.5%. In the last 7 years we didn’t have one single candidate to be rejected for an interview by any of our clients.

Match your expectations

We take our client’s job specifications and expectations very seriously. On average, 4 out of 5 candidates we present to any of our clients get to the job offer stage.

Fit for your needs

Most of the time, our clients will extend an offer to one in two of the candidates we recommend. Time is of essence, for both candidates and companies. We do all we can so we don’t waste anyone’s.

Efficient use of your time

Our clients see, on average, 2.7 candidates per hire. We cut down on useless interviews and make sure your time is well invested.

Continuous support

We're following the process every step of the way, making sure everything runs smoothly, on track and on time.


On average, a candidate recruited by us stays employed with our client for more than 4 years. This only happens when both candidates and companies are satisfied with each other.

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We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine which of our services best fit your needs.

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