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IT recruiting, consultancy, employer branding, IT business development

IT recruiting services, employer branding and business development

Operating exclusively in the IT industry since 2006, we are the most established and experienced consultancy company in this industry established Cluj-Napoca and one of the most experienced in Romania.

Should you be interested in any of our services please send us a request for a business meeting.

For meetings outside Romania the swiftest time of availability is 4 working days.

We are not only IT recruiters, but consultants with the foremost desire of successfully pairing people with opportunities. Trying to understand what each person desires professionally allows us to showcase them job opportunities they are genuinely interested in.

Successful pairing requires both people and companies to be satisfied on the long run. A genuine step forward in a person’s career by taking an opportunity, on one hand, and a company able to confirm and grow it’s business by employing that person, on the other hand, makes a pairing successful.

Apart from recruitment, we are also doing consulting work on Employer Branding for our clients.

Last but not least, we provide Business Development consultancy for companies looking to expand their business as well as a broad range of services for companies looking to establish a proprietary business in Romania.

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