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  • Daily News - 26th… 26 July, 2017

    What's new Adobe aims to stop updates for Flash in 2020 Adobe will stop updating and distributing Flash Player in 2020. Anyone who is still using Flash is being encouraged..

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  • Daily News - 25th… 25 July, 2017

    What's new Microsoft Paint will only be available in Windows Store A Microsoft support article, published recently, revealed that the company is marking MSPaint.exe as “deprecated” in the upcoming Windows..

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  • Daily News - 24th… 24 July, 2017

    What's new Verizon was accussed of manipulating user’s speeds when using streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube Verizon Wireless customers have reported lower speeds than expected when using Netflix..

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  • Printre altele, Adobe intenționează să elimine actualizările pentru Flash începând cu 2020. 19 Hours Ago
  • Printre altele, Microsoft Paint va fi disponibil numai în Windows Store. 2 Days Ago
  • Verizon a fost acuzat de manipularea vitezei utilizatorilor pentru serviciile de streaming Netflix și YouTube. 3 Days Ago
  • Printre altele, IBM a anunțat lansarea a patru noi centre de date în California, Londra și Sydney. 6 Days Ago
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