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We will first learn what your business specifics are. Getting to know your organization allows us to work together with you to develop and implement strategies for your continued growth.

This way we make sure everything we do for you, from IT recruiting to Employer Branding or helping you set up a business in Romania, is custom tailored.

Foster trust and Integrity

We foster trust and integrity because we believe this enables us to provide the best service experience for you.

You can rely on us and rest assured that we’ve always got your best interest in mind. What we do and how we work for you is what we would for ourselves.


From start to finish, IJC has the expertise, resources and tools to assist you with a broad range of integrated services.

Our history goes back to 2006 and since then we’ve gathered a lot of first hand experience.

Should you be interested in any of our services please send us a request for a business meeting.

The Management

IJC is run by Ovidiu Pavel, the founder of the company, a recruiter and head hunter with close to 20 years of active experience.

He first got contact with the IT world back in 1990, when he first set hands on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and started learning the principles of programming in Basic. That was the beginning of his perpetual relationship with IT and programming. Even today he still writes code, albeit only for maintaining some of his hobbies.

Besides IJC, Ovidiu was involved in several startups and IT related ventures. There he played various roles, ranging from the technical / product side to the operational / management side of the businesses.

Ovidiu upholds strict standards in both candidate and client relationships. He believes business should be done with respect towards all parties involved all while having in mind everyone’s best interest.

He was the first recruiter in Romania to obtain the LinkedIn Certified Professional-Recruiter Certification, back in 2013, and one of the first 300 in the world.

During the years he personally trained and saw to the professional development of many interns and junior recruiters. Some of them are now either running their own successful businesses either hold management positions within respectable companies.

When it comes to the way of doing things he always quotes Conan O’Brien: “If you work really hard and you are kind amazing things will happen”.

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