Employer Branding

Your Employer Branding and EVP should add up to more than just words and images.

What do you know about your EVP?

Your Employer Branding and EVP add up to more than just words, images. ads and slogans.

We are good at recruiting talent, finding leaders and building teams that transform your organization. So transformation is created from within, making you employer brand a living, breathing experience.

Do you know?

Do you know what your former employees have to say about your company? How about what makes your employees engage with your culture, do you know that? Would you want to know actually how your managers and internal recruiters build your teams?

If your organization’s goal is to attract top talent and engage top talent you must differentiate your EVP and manage your brand to evolve with that experience.
We start by defining the scope of the challenge for the Employer Branding campaign. We gather as much research data, both external and internal, regarding perceptions. By analyzing this data we get the basis for your EVP.
We now have a guideline to communicate with your key talent segments and what our next steps should be.
It’s that simple!

Components of our approach

Employer branding cycle

Organizations should aim for consistency and substance across the employer branding life cycle.

Proper messaging towards each point of interest and constantly creating new content that ensures the brand image and stories evolve are crucial.

These are some things we take into consideration to develop for you:

  • Audit the presence of your competitors
  • Identify external perceptions that differentiate your brand
  • Create value propositions targeted for hard to fill positions
  • Activate the EVP within the company
  • Engage your current and future employees through relevant creative
  • Build content based on authentic, representative stories for your brand
  • Estimate and perfect strategies that drive a higher ROI
Employer Branding
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