Daily News – 26th of September 2023

ChatGPT major update
OpenAI unveiled that ChatGPT will “see, hear, and speak“ after a major update

The company announced that ChatGPT will now support both voice prompts from users and their image uploads. Voice inputs will only be available on OpenAI’s ChatGPT mobile apps for Android and iOS apps. Image inputs will be available across mobile apps and desktop.


Google will remove the basic HTML version of Gmail starting in 2024

The basic HTML view is a simplified version of the Gmail interface, designed to be faster and more accessible, especially on slower internet connections and older web browsers. After January 2024, users will automatically be redirected to the more modern Standard view.


Amazon will invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic, the company that has built the chatbot Claude

The company will start with a $1.25 billion investment to gain a minority stake in Anthropic, with an option to increase the sum to a total of $4 billion. AWS will become Anthropic’s “primary cloud provider” to train and deploy its future foundation models.


LG has announced its first foldable laptop

The LG Gram Fold is a touchscreen device that can be used as a big tablet or a computer when fully unfolded. It has a 17-inch OLED screen. When it is folded, the top part becomes a 12-inch screen, while the bottom could turn into a keyboard for typing.


New products


OnePlus Ace 3

OnePlus Ace 3 will have a 6.74-inch OLED display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and 6 GB or 24 GB of RAM. It will come with a 5,500mAh battery.


iQOO 12

The phone will have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB or 1TB of storage. It will be launched in December.

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