Topul știrilor

Topul știrilor – 4-8 Septembrie 2023

Meta ar urma să ofere o opțiune cu abonament pentru a evita reclamele din Instagram și Facebook în UE

China a interzis folosirea iPhone-urilor de către oficialii guvernamentali

Utilizatorii Facebook pot acum să ceară ca Meta să nu folosească datele lor personale în antrenarea modelelor AI

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Microsoft vulnerabilities

Daily News – 14th of August 2023

Microsoft unveiled 15 high-severity vulnerabilities in industrial software

Google is working on a feature to link Android devices together when they are signed into the same Google account

Amazon is developing two custom chips for training large language models

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Top news this week

Top news this week, 7th-11th of August 2023

OpenAI has launched a bot that will gather information from the web to improve future artificial intelligence models

A new security vulnerability, called Downfall, can steal encryption keys from computers running on Intel processors

X, formerly Twitter, will add video calls to the platform

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