Daily News – 27th of November 2023

AI bots 'secure by design'
US, UK and 18 other countries signed agreement to make AI bots ‘secure by design’

The 20-page document is outlining how AI firms should handle their cybersecurity when developing or using AI models, as they claimed “security can often be a secondary consideration” in the fast-paced industry. While the agreement is non-binding, it offers general recommendations such as monitoring AI systems for abuse, protecting data from tampering, and vetting software suppliers.


Meta is sued for allowing children under the age of 13 to use its platforms

Meta has received more than 1.1 million reports of users under the age of 13 on its Instagram platform since early 2019 yet it “disabled only a fraction” of those accounts, according to a newly unsealed legal complaint against the company. The company is also accuse that it “routinely continued to collect” their personal information such as location without parental permission.


Google has added a new Playables section to YouTube for Premium users

Youtube Playables offers access to games without the need for additional installations or separate apps. The section currently has 37 games.


Google Calendar will stop offering support for devices running Android 7.1 and below

The reason for dropping support for older Android versions is likely due to security concerns. Older versions of Android are more vulnerable to hacks and data loss.


New products


OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12 will have a 6.82-inch OLED display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 16 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of storage. It will come with a 5,400mAh battery.


Redmi K70

The phone will have Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 16 GB or RAM and 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB of storage. It will come with a 5,000mAh battery.

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