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Google's dark web monitoring

Tech News – July 9 & 10

Google’s dark web monitoring will soon be free for everyone

Meta AI created a compact language model for mobile devices

Google Maps will add speedometer and speed limits for iOS and CarPlay

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Russian hacker group

Daily News – 11th of March 2024

Microsoft confirmed that a Russian hacker group accessed its internal systems

WhatsApp might soon display a label to specify that the chats are encrypted

Microsoft will implement changes to how Windows, LinkedIn, Edge, and Bing to comply with the Digital Markets Act

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Russian hacker group

Știrile zilei – 11 Martie 2024

Microsoft a confirmat că un grup de hackeri din Rusia a accesat sistemele sale interne

WhatsApp ar putea afișa în curând o etichetă pentru a specifica faptul că chat-urile sunt criptate

Microsoft va implementa modificări în Windows, LinkedIn, Edge și Bing pentru a se conforma cu Digital Markets Act

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Facebook video recommendation algorithm

Daily News – 7th of March 2024

Facebook unveiled an AI-powered video recommendation algorithm to compete with TikTok

A former Google engineer was arrested for allegedly stealing internal documents related to artificial intelligence

Meta explained how third-party messaging apps can be interoperable with WhatsApp and Messenger

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Facebook video recommendation algorithm

Știrile zilei – 7 Martie 2024

Facebook a dezvăluit un nou algoritm de recomandare video cu inteligență artificială pentru a concura cu TikTok

Un fost inginer de la Google a fost arestat pentru că ar fi furat documente interne legate de inteligența artificială

Meta a explicat cum aplicațiile terțe de mesagerie pot fi interoperabile cu WhatsApp și Messenger

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