Paid subscription for Facebook and Instagram

Știrile zilei – 4 Septembrie 2023

Meta ar urma să ofere o opțiune cu abonament pentru a evita reclamele din Instagram și Facebook în UE

WhatsApp a lansat suport pentru conturi multiple în versiunea beta

Utilizatorii Facebook pot acum să ceară ca Meta să nu folosească datele lor personale în antrenarea modelelor AI

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Microsoft PowerShell Gallery

Daily News – 18th of August 2023

Microsoft failed to fix major PowerShell Gallery security vulneralibities even after claiming it did

Google created the ‘Transparency Center’ hub for its product policies

WhatsApp launched a new feature that will allow users to send ‘HD’ photos

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Gmail for Android and iOS

Daily News – 10th of August 2023

Gmail for Android and iOS will add native support for email translation

A new security vulnerability, called Downfall, can steal encryption keys from computers running on Intel processors

White House announced AI Cyber Challenge to test how top AI models protect software

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